Linux:How to force puppet client to download updates from puppet server

By default puppetd (puppet server) applies the client configuration; in 1800 seconds. If you have some emergency updates which has to be apply to every puppet clients instanly , you can do followings :

(a) puppetrun (This commands run from the puppet server)

Trigger a puppetd run on a set of hosts.
puppetrun [-a|--all] [-c|--class ] [-d|--debug] [-f|--fore-
[-h|--help] [--host ] [--no-fqdn] [--ignoreschedules]
[-t|--tag ] [--test] [-p|--ping]

If you dont have LDAP support then -a(–all) and -c(–class) is useless . In that case ,if you want to force update every hosts, you will have to define all your hosts with puppetrun command ,
Eample :

According to puppetrun man pages, then uses is :
sudo puppetrun -p 10 --host host1 --host host2 -t remotefile -t web-server
puppetrun --host host1 --host host2

(b) func
If you have loads of server then its not practical to add all the hosts with puppetrun command!!.
in that case we can use func command .
how to install and use func

After install func in master and all rest of the server.
we can execute the bellow command :
Note : Please dont run puppetd daemon in clients if you want to update by calling func .

func "*" call command run "puppetd --onetime"

This command will execute puppetd command one time only and it will download all the updates from puppet server.

Last updates : 17th September 2010

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